Gilly: A Humble Crusader

Authors: Howard Roberts and Barbara Munson
ISBN 0-9648754-2-X
Price: $20
Available through or by emailing the author at

In the 1950s, at just the point in his life when he could relax and say he “has done well” as a rancher, entertainer and family man, Gilbert Roberts faces a personal crisis. Forced to reexamine his own life and actions, Gilly's search for new wisdom lands him on a Navajo Indian reservation. There he is appalled and saddened by the sight of so many sick and starving people and he vows to help.

Unwittingly, Gilly has stumbled into the middle of the ongoing Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute, which has forced thousands of Indians to relocate under duress. Unable to abide the “raw inequities” he has witnessed, Gilly spends the rest of his life bringing food and supplies to the Native Americans and calling attention to their plight. The human rights issues of indigenous peoples, exemplified by the land dispute, are just now getting global attention. Did GillyŐs solo crusade, in some small measure, help that cause?


View From the Mountain: A Twentieth-Century Memoir

Author: Sydney Bryden Two Pillars Press, 1999
Price: 20
ISBN: 0-9648754-1-1
Copies available through the publisher at or through

A true story about the authorŐs international travels and escapades growing up in France, being married to a foreign diplomat during the Cold War, and joining the Peace Corps as a retiree.


Meridian Dream: Taking Off for the Unknown and Traveling Around the World

Author: Barton Gilliom Two Pillars Press
ISBN: 0-9648754-3-8
Available in 2005 Copies will be available directly from the author at

At age 34, author Barton Gilliom grabbed the opportunity to travel around the world, alone and without an itinerary, and now writes about his myriad experiences and how they changed his life.


A Reason for Optimism: Treating Cancer with a Bone Marrow Transplant

Author: Barbara Munson with Marilyn Adair Two Pillars Press

ISBN 0-9648754-0-3

Out of print. Online copies will be available in 2005, or contact the publisher.


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