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Gilly: A Humble Crusader

A Historical Biography

By Barbara Munson and Howard Roberts

In his fifties, at just the point in his life when he could relax and say he “has done well” as a rancher, entertainer and family man, Gilbert Roberts faces a personal crisis. Forced to reexamine his own life and actions, Gilly's search for new wisdom lands him on an Indian reservation in the Four Corners area of the country. There he is appalled and saddened by the sight of so many sick and starving people and he vows to do whatever he can to help.

Unwittingly, Gilly has stumbled into the middle of the ongoing Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute, which has forced thousands of Native Americans to relocate under duress. Unable to abide the “raw inequities” he has witnessed, Gilly spends the rest of his life bringing food and supplies to them and calling attention to their plight.

The human rights issues of indigenous peoples, exemplified by the land dispute, are just now getting global attention. Did Gilly's solo crusade, in some small measure, help that cause?

Coauthor Barbara Munson is a 25-year writer, author and editor. She lives in Golden, Colorado and can be reached at MunsonBarb@aol.com or www.munsoncommunications.com

* * *




As a financial services professional today, you are in a position to influence and make a positive change in the financial futures of Americans. In a world where “fast” now equates to “good,” individuals are increasingly becoming caught up in the trappings of the Internet. Striving to be instant millionaires today, they are mindless of where they might be tomorrow and are losing sight of their long-term goals. You alone can provide the one thing they can't get on the Net ... the knowledge and guidance to achieve financial security.

Real value in a virtual world.

To do so, however, you will need to keep one step ahead. You will need the answers when clients or prospects ask about retiring at age 40, or investing in global markets, or dealing with the loss of Social Security. By attending this year's National Conference, you will come away with the educational tools, techniques and most up-to-date resources to help you guide your clients through the rough waters of the new millennium.

At the Conference, you will hear from the country's leading authorities on investing, taxes, retirement, estate planning and the economy. No matter whether you are new in the business or a seasoned professional, you will find sessions and topics designed to challenge you. With 28 expert presenters sharing what they know of the critical issues facing today's financial advisors and their clients, the conference may be the single most valuable thing you do for your career in 2000...

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From the desk of Arnold L. Smith, CFP

Dear ________, Over the past decade, we have seen many changes that have positively shaped our lives-including technological advances that have made us healthier, more productive and more connected. But in businesses everywhere, in our rush to be bigger, better and faster, we have been losing sight of what's really important in life. It started first in health care, with the proliferation of managed care systems. But it is also happening now with other service providers across the board. I see the problem as a focus on quantity over quality, where clients end up taking a back seat to the bottom line.

In my practice, my clients will always come first and I have taken steps to ensure that's so. I recently earned the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation, after completing a comprehensive curriculum that taught me how to guide clients toward their long-term financial goals.

I also have been investigating a realignment of my insurance and investment practice, seeking an environment that provides a sophisticated planning culture- and one that allows me to work in the best interests of my clients. Due to my established client base in both the Tampa Bay and central Florida regions, and with my experience and knowledge of certain sophisticated planning areas, I have been asked to affiliate with Golden Mutual's Boca Raton office. I have accepted the offer.

One of my prime considerations-a requirement, really-with this new affiliation is that I continue serving my current clients, in person, with no noticeable change. Largely due to the proximity of St. Petersburg, I am confident that this requirement will be satisfied. I also will be able to rely on technology to stay in touch. Over the last several years, thanks to technological investments I have made in my business, I have been able to keep in close contact with clients who live in all parts of the country and even overseas. As an example of this, email technology has allowed me to continue to serve an attorney client who practices law in Azerbaijan. Central Florida will be a breeze!

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To Retire or Not to Retire: That Is the Question

By Barbara J. Munson

There is no set time to retire anymore. Older adults are now enjoying extended years of good health and youthfulness. Happy to be leading vital and productive lives, many are still collecting paychecks well into their 70s and 80s. Then there's the other side of the coin...

Michael Edge worked hard, made a lot of money, fell in love with and married a beautiful woman, had two great children, and retired a happy man. There is just one thing wrong with this picture: Mike retired at age 40. Who retires at 40?

You might if, like Mike, you had had enough of the headaches and stress of your work and there were no financial obstacles in your way. Like Mike, you might truly enjoy your new life, too. By the time he retired, he had already gotten to “play out my fantasies,” like sky diving, scuba diving and traveling. He had had his share of successful businesses. Been there, done that. Mike looked forward to settling down.

Sure, he'd had his share of bumps along the way. When Mike was a teenager, his father advised: “Go to college and get a business degree.” That done, Mike found work as general manager of a hair accessories company and generated huge sales on a new product, decorator combs-a product that he foresaw would be a big hit. But Mike's employer refused to pay him the commission he'd earned, so he moved on.

In the early 1980s, he envisioned people wanting computers in their homes to keep their personal records straight, organize their checkbooks and even file their recipes. Well before Apple became a household name, Mike had started an enterprise to build home computers. When consumers failed to be bowled over by the new-fangled and expensive idea, Mike's manufacturer pulled out and that ended that. “My concept was right,” he says, “but the economics and the timing weren't.”

* * *


Renata's Opus

By Barbara J. Munson

Growing up in Toledo, Ohio, Renata McHugh had to always step over bolts of imported fabric to get from her bedroom to the kitchen of her house. Her mother was a seamstress and an excellent clothes designer—and never used a pattern, Renata recalls. Her mother made all her clothes and those of her three older sisters, as well. "We loved them! They set us apart from everyone else. My mother taught us early about quality clothing, She has been my inspiration."

Renata will be putting the lessons she learned at her mother's knee to good use this month when her dress store, appropriately named Renata's, opens in the Village at Bergen Park. Having her own clothing store had been her dream for years. "Now, everything is falling into place—and I am having the time of my life," she adds. That's in spite of the hours and hours she has spent getting ready for the opening. Renata remodeled the site, designed the interior, contacted the dress designers, negotiated for exclusives in some lines and ordered the clothes.

She also wrote the business plan. "When I showed the plan to my developer, he said it was the most detailed and precise one he had ever seen. That was quite a compliment, since I had no experience writing business plans. To me, it was just what was in my head. I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants the whole time."

To analyze customer traffic, Renata would sit in her car in the parking lot, counting the number of cars driving in and the number of people carrying bags out of the stores.

To get a handle on the competition, she says, "I had a cup of cappuccino with the owner of the shop down the street, and we agreed to be different." Selecting the right software she will need to automate the office is another thing. "The program has to be just right. I don't intend to get buried in mounds of paperwork. I prefer to spend my time with the ladies." Renata proved in her business plan that she knew what it takes to be successful. "What will set me apart is that I am trained to listen well. If there is anything a customer wants, I'll find it for her. If it's a different dress style or body style—anything—I will add it. I plan to be everything I can be as a retailer."

Her shop will feature "mountain chic" women's wear. Her outfits and accessories will be fun, functional and a little feminine, she says. "I think all women should be feminine. My customers will find that Renata's offers a welcome alternative to boots and jeans.”...

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Dear ____________

Two thirty-something guys lose their wives to cancer and become instant widowers with children to raise. A few years later, they happen to meet, discover they have suffered identical losses and decide to write a book to help other young widowers. Till Death Do Us Part is a guide book for men on dealing with everything from their wives' death to raising the kids, dating, remarrying, changing careers and maintaining their sanity. Two guys, two perspectives—it's like getting advice and a second opinion all in one.

Authors Dan Gilbertson and Doug O'Neill are two likable guys from Brookings, South Dakota. They met in a classroom where Dan was taking a master's course taught by Doug. Dan moved to Denver, where he is now a financial planner with Royal Alliance Associates. Doug remains in Brookings and is an assistant professor at South Dakota State University. Both have remarried. Both continue to speak out and advise others on surviving as a widower. Doug even wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on the topic.

This 35,000-word book is just short enough and down to earth enough to get other men to read it. No frills, nothing sissy, just straight talk when it's needed most...

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The Making of a Guru

Hunter Kennedy is a bold new voice among writers of metaphysics and new thought. When it comes to matters of the soul, he believes that readers need role models, not preachers, and they want real-life stories they can relate to. The way for most people to understand the meaning of life is through experience, he says. They can and should read the teachings of the traditional spiritual writers, such as Gary Zukav, Neale Donald Walsch and Ekhart Tolle, but they need the example of One Soul's Journey to get them there.

One Soul's Journey: Book 1, The Journey to Me is the story of a man who spent the first 35 years of his life doing all the wrong things. Money was his master. But, in 1999, something happened to Hunter Kennedy to change his thinking and his life. He had an awakening. A life-changing, tear-bringing, knee-wobbling experience. He saw he could help others gain this awareness. He quit his day job. He started an organization, Circles of Life Foundation, Inc.

He committed his life to helping children, young people with eating disorders, alcoholics, the homeless, people rich in money and poor in spirit, anyone who needs directions to find their path. He's not preaching though. Just giving a hand to those who want to follow.

Hunter Kennedy's first book, One Soul's Journey, tells about his experience getting bowled over by messages from God. No complex terminology, just straightforward common-sense discoveries and steps to take for self-renewal and finding true happiness. He is pretty sure readers will come a lot closer to understanding the universe when they are done with this book.

The Circles of Life Foundation begins its journey this month in Denver. Kennedy will be speaking to groups in the area, on television, radio and at fundraisers. He also plans a local radio program of his own.

We would like to tell everyone we speak to that One Soul's Journey is available through The Tattered Cover Book Store. May we send you copies to sell?

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Re: An unusual author appearance at the Tattered Cover Cherry Creek

When: June 1, 7:30 p.m.

What would you do if someone you loved died and years later returned to you as a spirit, communicating with you through your thoughts? You'd keep it quiet, because no one would believe you and might think you were crazy, right?

Call her daring, Joan Wheeler La Grone has decided to tell the world her story of “bridging the veil” into the spirit world. La Grone, a founding member of the Rocky Mountain Writers Guild and mother of six grown sons, has remarried after the death of her husband nearly 40 years ago. The Windsor, Colorado realtor has a lot to lose by coming forward to share her experience. She also may be opening doors to untold truths. Is she crazy . . . or enlightened?

After Joan started writing a book about the return of her first husband's spirit, she discovered that many others had similar stories to tell. Some of them were even her friends and relatives. Most had never told a soul about the voices and appearances, fearing humiliation or worse. Now they have, in From Beyond the Veil.

Joan will be at the Tattered Cover Book Store, Cherry Creek, on June 1 at 7:30 p.m. to discuss and sign her book, From Beyond the Veil (2000, WIN Publishers of Colorado).

Come meet Joan and see for yourself.

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FROM THE NOVEL: Ask Dr. Mac: Take the Journey to Authentic Leadership by Greg Giesen

What does this manager know that you don't?

Justin O'Brien is a fumbling new manager at DataDump Corp. His employees are disgruntled, his department is floundering and Justin feels like a failure. Desperate, he sends a letter to “Ask Dr. Mac,” a newspaper advice columnist on workplace issues. Their correspondence turns into a friendship and reveals to Justin the secrets of leadership that change his life around.

Follow Justin on his journey and discover how to:

  • Solve the most challenging people problems.
  • Create and maintain empowering relationships.
  • Increase leadership acumen and self-awareness.
  • Lead authentically by learning from Justin's trials and tribulations...

* * *


FROM THE BUSINESS AUTOBIOGRAPHY: Dare to Be A Successful Business Woman, by Florence Alexander, Ph.D.

To supplement her income and support her young son, Florence Alexander, Ph.D., started Ebon Research Systems in 1971 in the basement of her home. Overcoming many hurdles of racism, sexism and “bullying,” over the years she has drawn on her inner strengths and internalized a standard of excellence in reaching seemingly impossible goals. Ebon Research Systems grossed $417 million in sales in its first twenty-four years. Dr. Alexander's entrepreneurial journey has taken her into the minefields of government contracting and through the challenging terrain of education as founder of a school for disenfranchised youths. Today, with more than fifty awards and recognitions, she writes of how it is possible to beat the odds...

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Welcome to . . .
The Financial Planning Speakers Bureau

A unique service specializing in financial experts who are leaders in the industry —and have great speaking skills.

Whether you need one speaker or a full slate of experts for your next program or conference, rely on the Financial Planning Speakers Bureau to fill your needs.

  • Over 30 expert presenters
  • 125 timely financial topics
  • Individual talks range from 90 minutes to full-day sessions
  • Most presentations will qualify for continuing education credits
  • One source for all your needs-and all arrangements are handled for you

Getting Started

Selecting the right speaker and topic is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Click on one of the buttons at left to view the selections by specific topic or individual speaker. If you already have a speaker in mind, go directly to Request a Speaker.

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As you know, fixed and variable annuities are issued by insurance companies. They offer the investor tax deferral until the funds are withdrawn. They can be a helpful addition to IRAs and company retirement plans when saving for retirement.

Now, however, we have the index annuity. Many sales people marketing this annuity will imply that your money will go up and down with the S&P Index, but also guarantee you no loss if the market goes down. Unfortunately that's not the whole truth. Most index annuities have a cap on how much you can retain of the S&P 500. For example, if the cap is 8% and the market goes up 28% like it did in 2003, you'll lose out on the 20%! Because the S&P Index goes up more than it goes down you could be missing out on most of the market's gain over the long run. You need those big years to balance out the small years.

Here's a few of the “catches.” Index annuities often have HUGE penalties, some as much as 15% per year if you withdraw your money early. The people who sell these annuities may try to downplay this fact by stressing the guarantee. But the guarantee in the less onerous annuities can be 3% of only 90% of your invested money. That means it would take three and a half years before you would receive back your original principal if the market went down for three years in a row. Before that, if the market went down, you wouldn't make a cent!

* * *


Personal Finance Myths

No matter how much we think we know about the complex subject of finances, there is always more to learn! Sometimes we are guided by misconceptions we have, and can end up making mistakes or losing money. Take this short true or false quiz to see where you stand on some of the common myths. Circle the right answer:

  1. You need to keep track of what you pay for your investments in your IRA because someday you'll have to pay long-term capital gains tax. T or F
  2. You should avoid selling stocks or mutual funds at a loss because they may go back up. T or F
  3. You should put money in your retirement account before funding your children's college education. T or F
  4. It's a good idea to give away your money to your children before applying for Medicaid. T or F
  5. The first step in financial planning is having money set aside in an emergency account. T or F
  6. Women are still significantly less likely than men to take high investment risks. T or F
  7. If you have held on to your old E or EE bonds, they may have stopped earning interest. T or F

* * *

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“Thank you, Barb, for your exceptional work on the back cover of my latest book. Your expertise and creativity were the missing link that I needed to finish this incredible project. I will certainly recommend your services to other authors I know.”

—Greg Giesen, author of Ask Dr. Mac: Take the Journey to Authentic Leadership, Greg Giesen & Associates, Inc., www.GregGiesenAssociates.com



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