Barbara Munson has been writing and editing books, articles, newsletters and brochures for more than 25 years. She formed Munson Communications in 1998 to provide editorial, ghostwriting and copywriting services to others. Since her last full-time job had been at a financial organization, her first clients were financial advisors. She soon expanded to include other business people, entrepreneurs, and authors. She joined the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) at that time, and served on CIPA's Board of Directors for six years. She is a member of Gotham Ghostwriters, New York.

When she wrote her first book, A Reason for Optimism: Treating Cancer with a Bone Marrow Transplant, she formed Two Pillars Press, an independent publishing company, to publish it. Since then she has added three additional titles. One of them, Gilly: A Humble Crusader, won a CIPA Book Award in 2003.

Barbara's experience in publishing began years prior to this, however. She managed a publishing unit of Control Data Corporation in the eighties and worked for a book publisher, Fulcrum Publishing, in the nineties. She also was a publications proofreader, a national association newsletter editor and reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Today, with nearly 300 books to her credit, Barbara continues to work closely with both new and seasoned authors across the country. Many are award-winners…and all have great stories to tell. Every author has profited from her expertise. Along with editing and/or ghostwriting or copywriting, Barbara considers book publishing consulting part of every relationship. She is always happy to answer any and all questions, especially from new authors…Do I still need an ISBN number? Where do I start? Should I contact literary agents? What does an agent want? How much can I expect to earn from my book? Can you recommend a good online publisher? When and how do I market my book these days?

Do you already have a self-published book and think a publisher might be interested? Ask  Barbara for details on how to interest a publisher in your successful self-published title.

Barbara lives in the Rocky Mountain foothills above Golden, Colorado. She enjoys hiking, gardening, reading, Suduko, and bringing up her new rescue dog, a boxer named Moses.



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